Welcome ToEswap


» We're not just a website we're a community!

This site is an on-line swapping service, where members can swap their goods or services with other members or use their points to purchase products and services. Points are the only way to purchase items on this site. You can only purchase points in this system with Constitutional US Currency. Our main aim is to make sure the only way one can get a point is by receiving points from a sale or purchasing points with pre 1965 US Silver coins.

This site was established to give a member a chance to buy items on a swap site instead of needing to barrow points from the site owner to get the trading and purchasing started. All initial points can only be attained by giving one dollar in US Constitutional silver to the swap club for one point. All items on the site will be priced based on the number of points or Constitutional Silver Dollars the seller wants for the item. All trades will use the same currency system and all reporting will be done in Constitutional US dollars.
» To purchase or trade for more essential items and have a good way to retain the value of your trade credits/points.
» In order to create a listing, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, you will notice Add Sale/ Add Swap/ Add Wish links in the 'My Booth' section. Click on the appropriate link and enter all the information to create your listing.

What types of files can I upload as an image for my listing?

We recommend uploading a gif or a jpeg when posting a picture. These file types are usually small and will work with our system quite well.

Do I have any obligations?

Your obligations are set out in the site's Terms and Conditions which you have read as part of your registration.

In brief, the items offered must be legal and non-offensive to even a small number of people, and must be your property to offer.

You have no obligation to complete a swap or sale unless both you and another party have confirmed you want to go ahead with the deal, at which point you both MUST proceed. Otherwise, you can withdraw from a deal at any time up to this point.
» In order to contact a user about an item, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, select the item you are interested in and click on it. You will then notice a link in the listing that says "Make Offer" Click on this link, enter the details of your offer and the comments/message to the user. Please note that making an offer is the first step to go ahead with the deal.
» When both the parties confirm for the swap/sale this site gives you the contact details of the other party, and the deal should be handled (ship goods, verify etc) external to the system.
» We are proud to have a strict policy against unsolicited bulk e-mail and against sharing e-mail addresses with third parties.