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We're not just a website we're a community!

This site is an on-line swapping service, where members can swap their goods or services with other members or use their points to purchase products and services.  Points are the only way to purchase items on this site.  You can only purchase points in this system with Constitutional US Currency.  Our main aim is to make sure the only way one can get a point is by receiving points from a sale or purchasing points with pre 1965 US Silver coins.

This site was established to give a member a chance to buy items on a swap site instead of needing to barrow points from the site owner to get the trading and purchasing started.  All initial points can only be attained by giving one dollar in US Constitutional silver to the swap club for one point.  All items on the site will be priced based on the number of points or Constitutional Silver Dollars the seller wants for the item.  All trades will use the same currency system and all reporting will be done in Constitutional US dollars. 

RMT is an on-line trade club that is like most Barter and Trade exchanges with 2 differences.  First is we do not issue trade credits without investment of Constitutional Currency.  No member can acquire trade credits without selling an item on the exchange for trade credits or buying credits with constitutional currency.  Second is we focus on more essential items and hard asset investments as our primary member.   Currently the only constitutional currency we allow is from a member in CCS. 

CCS is a constitutional currency investors club that was formed to allow an individual or small family LLC to invest in US dimes to dollars dated prior to/before 1965, “Junk Silver”.  The members in CCS can trade their CCS membership units for RMT trade credits or with other CCS members for whatever they decide is a good trade.

CCS will only charge a small transaction fee rather than the big fees it normally costs to buy and sell “junk silver”.  There will be an annual fee for storage and accounting.  The clubs’ purpose is to allow investors to keep their cash in constitutional currency rather than other cash assets and be able to use their cash for purchase of daily needs items without the big commission fees.  One unit in CCS is one constitutional currency dollar.  CCS units are excepted by RMT at the same value.  All items on RMT will be priced in points which is one constitutional dollar for one point. 


Start trading with companies and individuals using a constitutionally recognized, silver-backed currency.  Join the Constitutional Currency Swappers Club for free, which will be limited.

Next, deposit “Junk Silver” (US dimes to dollars dated prior to/before 1965) into your CCS account and conduct business with others based on todays’ silver market value! 

Consider the implications:  In the current market, a $5 purchase at the store would be the same as paying a single pre-1965 US quarter for the same goods or services through the CCS.

Join the Constitutional Currency Swappers and Rocky Mountain Trade club today!!