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We're not just a website we're a community!
This site is an on-line swapping service, where members can swap their goods or services with other members or use their points to purchase products and services.  Points are the only way to purchase items on this site.  You can only purchase points in this system with Constitutional US Currency.  Our main aim is to make sure the only way one can get a point is by receiving points from a sale or purchasing points with US Constitutional Currency.

This site was established to give a member a chance to buy items on a swap site instead of needing to barrow points from the site owner to get the trading and purchasing started. 

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Our Products

Rocky Mountain Trade, (RMT) strives to have more essential items like food, hardware, Fuel, home services, medical services and vehicle services.  

RMT is partnering with other sites to bring you local home rentals and accommodations for sale. 

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How can i get credits to buy with?

1.  You become an on line member.

2.  Go to CC Swappers' Club under Professional Services and purchase Rocky Mountain Trade points from them with Constitutional Currency or from members in CC Swappers Club who have traded their membership units for Rocky Mountain Trade points.

3.  Give CC Swappers' and Rocky Mountain Trade one working day to credit your new account.

 All initial points can only be attained by giving one silver dollar, or four quarters or 10 dimes minted prior to 1965 for one point.  All items on the site will be priced based on the number of points or Constitutional Silver Dollars the seller wants for their items. 

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